pH Regulator

Increases fertilizer storage capability, influences solubility

pH Regulator

It helps in balancing the pH levels in the soil. It specifically affects plant nutrient availability by converting the chemical forms of the nutrients

  • pH Regulator is enriched with natural amino acids, proteins, vitamins and phytohormones.

  • pH Regulator enhances root development, increases photosynthesis and plant growth.

  • pH Regulator enhances profuse branching and luxuriant vegetative growth.

  • pH Regulator induces flowering and controls fruit drop.

  • pH Regulator helps better fruit and seed formation which results in higher yields with enhanced quality.

  • PGA/Crude protein : 40%
  • Carbohydrate/Minerals : 15%
  • Organic NPK/Trace elements : 6%
  • Humic Acid/Fulvic Acid : 10%
  • Inert substances : 29%
Recommended Dosage
  • 1-1.5 ml /ltr of water.
  • Depends on the nature
  • Depends on spray equipment
  • Recommended for all agricultural crops