No Parking

For Termites & Nematodes

No Parking

Bio Process Technology based Value Added Bio Nematicide

  • No Parking is a novel blend of microbial and plant extract.

  • No Parking is an organic comprehensive solution to all the soil pests like white grubs, termites, wireworms and nematodes

  • No Parking works quite effectively against all these pests through its unique mode of action through ingestion & also has contact properties.

  • No Parking enters the gut and damage the epithelial layers of thedigestive system thereby resulting into septicemia leading to death of the pest. It also inhibits the chitin synthesis.

  • Biological Extracts : 30%
  • Stabilizers : 5%
  • Carrier : 65%
Recommended Dosage
  • 5-10gm/ltr of water