Flower King

For Improved Flowering And Fruiting

Flower King

Bio Process Technology based Value added flower booster

  • Flower King an excellent plant yeild booster,derived from natural substances through fermentation process.

  • Flower King is a phenomenal product that contains several essential hormones, enzymes & amino acids besides florigens that trigger excellent flowering.

  • Flower King contains several trace elements, nutrients, hormones and other florigens help flower retention and arrest flower drop.

  • Flower King helps in controlling fruit drop and thereby increasing the productivity the unique feature of photosynthatate translocaters coupled with hydrolyzed proteins.

  • Schedule : First spray at the time of flower initiation and second spray during fruit formation stage.

  • Amino Acids, Hormones, Florigens, Trace hormones : 60%
  • Stabilizers : 10%
  • Inert Materials : 30%
Recommended Dosage
  • 1ml /Ltr