Indo Super Food for Animals

Bio Food Booster for ANIMALS

Indo Super Food for Animals

Advanced Bio Food Booster for ANIMALS

Indo Superfood is a dietary supplementation with probiotics

Indo Superfood improve gut health, nutrient digestibility

Indo Superfood helps with efficient nutrient utilization and contribute for overall growth performance.

Indo Superfood in cattle and dairy cows helps reduce ruminal acidosis and helps improve immune response under stress conditions.


Dry Probiotic strains 10%

Bio Calcium and Phosphate 25%

Bio Sodium 2%

Total fat 2%

Total carbohydrate 30%

Dietary fibre 15%

Total Protein and Amino acid 14%

Enzymes, Vitamins and minerals 2%

Recommended Dosage

COW: 10-15 gm per Day

BUFFALO: 10-15 gm per Day

GOAT: 5 gm per Day

PIG: 5-10 gm per Day

RABBIT: 5 gm per Day