Grow Star Plus

Specially available for Banana, Pineapple, Vegetables, Cardamon, Mango and All Crops

Grow Star Plus

Fermented Bio NPK with Bio Micronutrients

  • Grow Star Plus is developed through Bio Process Technology (BPT) for extra growth and yield.

  • Grow Star Plus is fermented and value added major and micro-nutrients in readily available bio form.

  • Grow Star Plus is rich in organic carbon and helps in aerobic system.

  • Grow Star Plus imparts vigorous growth and increases chlorophyll production.

  • Grow Star Plus is Eco-friendly and is safe to plants and produces.

  • Biological Extracts : 50%
  • Inert Material : 30%
  • Organic Carbon : >20% (on dry basis)
Recommended Dosage
  • Foliar : 5ml/ ltr
  • Drip : 5ml/ ltr