Fungi Ban Plus

A Microbial Plant Protector

Fungi Ban Plus

Fermentation Technology based Value added Bio Fungicide

  • Fungi Ban Plus is a unique biological formulation that induces resistance against wide range of plant pathogens. 

  • Fungi Ban Plus has a blend of numerous amino acids and various extracellular hydrolytic substances that protects the plants against bacterial and fungal diseases. 

  • Fungi Ban Plus imparts defense mechanism in plants through Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR).

  • The unique property of Fungi Ban Plus enables longer protection time under low dosage and also improve crop physiology. 

  • Biological Extracts : 40%
  • Media Residues : 20%
  • Amino Fatty Acids : 10%
  • Dissolving Agents : 20%
  • Adjuvants : 10%

Recommended Dosage
  • 1-2 ml/ ltr