Bio Calcium

Cattle Feed Supplement

Bio Calcium

High suspension powder food for cattle

  • BioCalcium contains calcium in bio available form that ensures stronger bones and better growth

  • BioCalcium helps in increased milk production by encouraging better digestion and improve apatite

  • BioCalcium has presence of vitamins and critical minerals that increase vigor in animals


Calcium : 6100gm

Phosphorous : 3050gm

Vit A: 45000

Vit B3 : 12000

Vit B12 :100mg

Vit E : 150000mg

Copper 500mg

Zinc : 1500mg

Carbohydrates : 40000mg

Sodium : 325mg

Chromium : 100mg

Galacto Giogine Herb : 3gm

Recommended Dosage
  • Based on type of feeding & level of milk production
  • Cow/Buffalo : 5-10gm/ day
  • Calf/Goat : 5gm/ day